Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stepping Out

Tis the season for Crop Tops + Florals…. So I've heard…

Summer Fashion is all about being bold and stepping out in tiny shorts, floral prints, tank/halter/crop tops, and short dresses.  Now I'm a fan of summer fashion,  but I've always played it safe with more "covered" approaches of summer fashion -- maxi dresses, long flowy skirts and kimonos.  Let's just say I've always been a little self conscious about certain things on my body -- especially my arms (I still don't think I'm ready to rock a tank).  Just recently a friend and I had a conversation about stepping out of our comfort zone.  As creatures of habit its so easy to get stuck into not doing something just because we've never tried it.  It reminded me of a blog post I read a while ago from For Colored Gurls.  If you've been following me since the beginning you know that my sole purpose for creating this blog was to be an inspiration to others.  The other day while watching +Chante' Burkett and +Kelly Augustine +Size Tag Video, Chante answered that her biggest pet peeve in the plus size community was women who claimed to be confident and an inspiration to other plus size women while opting to cover their bellies with oversized purses in every shoot.  After reflecting on what she said, I totally had to agree.  How can I be an inspiration to you guys and tell you to love your body when I choose to hide certain things about my body…. So guys… I stepped out!

I found this gorgeous floral two piece crop top set from Stacked Apparel

Shoes: Urban Outfitters Purse: Michael Kors 

Everything you ever wanted is one step out of your comfort zone. 

Looking to find a matching crop set of your own? Check out +Alissa Wilson and her blog +Stylish Curves where she tells you were to get the latest Two Piece Crop Top Set