Sunday, February 28, 2016

How I Refresh My Old Braidouts (with Video and Product Reviews)

So wash day is tomorrow, but you have somewhere to go tonight.  You've been able to rock your braid-out for the past 5 days but it just doesn't have anymore life to it.  You have about 10 minutes to devote to your hair before getting ready... So what do you do?  Refresh those curls!!  Below you will find a video explaining how I refresh my curls in less than 10 minutes.  Each product helps to revitalize each strand without the additional drying time needed when styling freshly washed hair.  After watching the video continue reading to find a detailed review on each product used.  Hope you enjoy!   

I start off by sectioning my hair into 4 equal parts. I usually like to start with the back of my hair first since it takes the longest to dry. One thing I like about this quick refresher is that the products don't saturate my hair too much. I have low porosity hair and it seems like a drop of water takes at least 2 hours just to dry.

The Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut Milk Leave-in Conditioning Mist provides my hair with just the right amount of moisture to prepare my hair for this refresher.  I purchased my bottle at my local Sprouts Farmers' Market for about $7, but I've also seen it at some CVS.  This has been my go-to leave in conditioner when prepping for any style.  With ingredients such as water, glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sweet almond oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and coconut, pineapple, papaya and mango fruit extracts, the makers state that this product will moisturize and quench dull, thirsty, tangled tresses and protects hair prior to heat styling.  It exactly does just that!! A thorough mist over my dry hair to reactivates and tame my unruly curls.

Once I've made sure to distribute the first product evenly through out my hair, I pull out what I believe to be the key to refreshing my curls, the Camille Rose Fresh Curl Hair Smoother.  I picked this product up from my local Target.  Now I must admit... Camille Rose products are usually on the higher end when it comes to natural hair products.  I believe this bottle cost about $14 in the store.  I shop at Target a lot and usually wait for them to have a sale.  Just recently there was a ad going on for $5 back for every $20 spent on beauty items.  Couple sales like this with the Target Cartwheel app and you can almost always get these high end products for almost nothing.  This product has ingredients like deionized water, castor seed oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, glycerin, and avocado oil. These ingredients together act to easily detangle the hair and serve as an anti-humectant.  Essentially this product helps with reducing frizz by blocking moisture. Living in a humid city such as Atlanta this product really comes in handy to smooth out my tresses... It's just an added bonus that it helps with the detangling process.  

Last, but certainly not least is Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey.  Now I must admit, I've always been a little weary of Carol's Daughter products.  I've tried many of her lines but none seemed to work with my hair... until I discovered this.  My sister would always boast about how much she loved this product.... so I decided to give it the try.  I picked this product up from my local Target for about $12.  The Mimosa Hair Honey line was actually marketed for protective styles, but that didn't stop me from giving it a try on my tresses.  This shine pomade is the finisher of almost any style I do with my hair.  Ingredients include Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Annatto Seed, Lavender, Sage, Red Clover, Rosemary, Nettle, Corn Oil and Orchanet.  And as if the ingredients didn't give it away... it smells AMAZING.  I reach for this product not only before braiding or twisting, but I also grab it when I'm getting ready to unravel my twists and braids.  This thick honey pomade tames fly aways and frizz without weighing the hair down.   It also gives your hair an awesome shine that makes it look conditioned and healthy.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Flirts in Skirts | Valentine's Day LookBook

Hey ya'll! I know it's been a long time since I've blogged, but I have been swamped in school.  I still find it amazing that I had the time to do a shoot with a presentation and preliminary exam coming up soon.  Nevertheless, I'm back and blogging… And what better way to bring it back than during a girl's favorite holiday… Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day has always been a great holiday for me because I'm obsessed with chocolate!! Yeah thats right… Forget all the flowers and dates and just give me the chocolate…  and after I've sat at home and eaten all of the chocolate I can for one day, I like to head out with friends or with that special someone and dress things up.  Those of you that know me or have read past blogs know that my wardrobe mainly consists of comfy chic items.  I'm always on the go with school and usually only buy items that I can wear all day and feel comfortable.  But on Valentine's Day I like to change things and go major girly… And what is more girly than a pink skirt?!?!  Below you will find three different outfits I've put together for Valentine's Day with each outfit featuring a pink skirt. If you like any of the items, keep reading and I will tell you where I purchased each item so that you can get your very own.

I recently discovered  Charlotte Russe carried plus size clothing.  I remember in college all of my friends loved Charlotte Russe and when they walked into the store, I went straight to the jewelry or shoe section.  I literally could not fit anything in that store.  This really upset me because my friends would always be able to find something really cute and at affordable prices.  Now, 4 years later, I get to as well.  The skirts in the first two looks and the bodysuit in the last look came from Charlotte Russe.  If I remember correctly, I got a really good deal on all items during an online sale.  I think I paid like $6 each for the tulle skirt and bandage skirt and $10 for gray bodysuit.  Yep, thats right… All three items were purchased for under $25!!! Now that's a steal!!!! I suggest frequently visiting the site before purchasing because there seems to be a different deal going on every other day.

First Look:  Breakfast at Tiffany's

So my first look is my spin on Breakfast at Tiffany's… More like brunch with my girls.  When I was single, my single friends and I would get together on Valentine's Day for brunch at our favorite restaurant… We not only did this on V-Day but basically every chance we got… lol… what can I say? We really like brunch.  Brunch is sort of our time to get together and catch up with what's going on in our lives.  Every now and again, we like to dress things up and look real fancy.

 The top in this first look was actually purchased maybe 2 years ago at Target.  I found it in the clearance section for under $10.  I had so many plans for this bodysuit but could never find the right bottoms to pair it with… Fast forward two years later and I finally found the right bottoms lol.  My shoes were purchased in college from Dillard's… The brand is Gianni Bini.  Though this is possibly my second time wearing the shoes, they are so comfortable.  I doubt this style is still available seeing as though I purchased them in 2012… but you can never go wrong with a nice heel sandal.

Skirt Found HereSimilar Top Found HereSimilar Shoe Found Here

Being busy with school is definitely one of the reasons I haven't posted a blog in a while… but the second reason is because all my friends are busy too and I have nobody to take pictures of me… So I really appreciate my friend Shari helping me out with this one… I even told her to dress up so she can take a couple of pics too… I didn't tell her much about my looks just that I would be shooting a post for Valentine's Day-- and what do you know? She shows up in a tulle skirt as well… So there you have it ladies… 
Tulle Skirt = Valentine's Day lol…

Second Look: Date Night

So Bae has already told you he's got Valentine's Day covered.. and if your dreams have come true, he's made reservations at that fancy little restaurant you've been wanting to try.  He finally got it right, ladies.  So you look into your closet to find something that shows off your figure just right.  This bandage skirt from Charlotte Russe does just that--hugs my curves in just the right place!  I paired it with a top that I've had for so long I can't even remember where I got it… Oh wait… JcPenny… Yep! I absolutely love this top because I can pair it with jeans for a quick cute look.  The shoes, like at least 90% of the shoes in my closet, were purchased in college.  Let's just say during college my line sisters and I totally visited Dillard's and DSW once a week.  I hardly even buy shoes these days unless it's flats for work or church… These shoes were purchased from DSW and the brand is Chinese Laundry.  While they're not the most comfortable, they probably are one of my most worn heels.  I just slip a gel insole in them before I go out and before you know it, I'm dancing the night away and my feet aren't even hurting.

Skirt Found HereSimilar Top Here and HereSimilar Shoes Here

Third Look: V-Day to the Max(i)

Now this third look is by far my favorite look because it fits in with my comfy chic style… And I get to wear flats….  Now I'm kinda short so you really can't see the flats I had on with this outfit, but they were a really cute pair of sparkly Steve Madden Conncord Flats like the ones being sold here.  The maxi skirt was purchased last year from Target.  I absolutely love Target clothes… in fact… I may do a haul from them soon.  The gray top is actually a bodysuit from Charlotte Russe.  Though it's not pictured here, the top has a cute little key hole on the back.  This look is truly universal.  No matter what plans you have on Valentine's Day you can wear this outfit.  

Similar Skirt HereBodySuit Found Here

Well, folks there you have it… My Valentine's Day LookBook!  I hope you enjoyed it…. Have suggestions for future looks and blog post? Let me know… See ya soon!