Monday, May 30, 2016

My Gwynnie Bee Experience and LookBook

Hi ladies!! How are ya'll feeling? I know it's been a while since I've written a blog… but I promise today's post is worth the wait! For the past month I have been experimenting with a clothing subscription plan known as +Gwynnie Bee. Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for women sizes 10-32. It allows you to feel stylish and savvy everyday with endless fashion, free shipping, and free exchanges.

If you've been following my blog a while you will remember that I tried Gwynnie Bee a while ago in 2012.  I loved the service back then!!! I remember going to quite a few weddings that year and everything I wore was from my Gwynnie Bee closet… Here's a little #throwback lol 

#throwback circa 2012 GB Asos Dress 

#throwback circa 2012 GB Asos Sequin Skirt 

So… Whew… My blog pictures have truly come a long way… lol… But as stated above… Back then I remember how much fun I had trying out GB.  So I decided to give it another try and document the experience.

If you're like me… We always have somewhere to go but nothing to wear… The malls are just too crowded to even get out and go shopping and you're so nervous that the dress you recently purchased online may come too late or be too small… This is where Gwynnie Bee comes to the rescue…

Browse the collection. 
Check out all the designers, styles, and looks you’ll love.

Add clothes to your Virtual Closet.

Try fun stuff. It’s rental—not ownership. Explore and be adventurous. You need to place a minimum number of garments, dependent on your current plan, into your virtual closet before your Gwynnie Bee package can be shipped. Browse through the collections and add styles you wish to try to your virtual closet. Once you've met your closet minimum, your box will automatically start processing. GB typically has a 2-3 day processing time prior to shipment. Boxes ship out via USPS Priority Mail and delivery takes 2-4 business days in most cases. (I literally got my boxes 2 days after reaching my closet minimum) 

Wear it. Rock it. Love it.

Your first box arrives within 2–3 days filled with items that you’ve selected and put into your closet.
If you can’t bear to part with a Gwynnie Bee item you have at home, you can purchase it directly from your closet! Send back what you like, when you like. Using pre-paid bags, send back as many garments as you like: one, two, three, or all at once. Your choice. We handle the cleaning, so send it back in any state. As soon as you let us know you’re dropping garments in the mail, we start preparing your next box with as many garments as you sent us.

Repeat Steps and continue to enjoy Gwynnie Bee’s clothing without commitment!

Ready to try Gwynnie Bee for yourself?!!? Great!! They've given me a link that provides you with a free month subscription!!!!  Check it out HERE!!!  And if a free month doesn't persuade you to give it a try… Take a look at some of the styles I received from my very own virtual closet!!!!

Julian Taylor | Fit & Flare Dress in Diamond Jacquard 

I absolutely loved this dress.  I would definitely recommend going down a size, but I was able to make it work! Other people on GB said the dress was "too heavy" and that the fabric was "too scratchy" I would have to agree.  While this seems like the perfect dress for spring the material is a little too heavy and would probably feel better during the Fall/Winter months.  

Taylor Dress | Emerald Fit & Flare Dress in Painterly Floral 

Now I must admit… At first I did not like this dress… Out of all the items in my closet I could not understand why this one… But as you can see that definitely changed once I put this dress on.  It was the perfect fit and flare dress for any occasion.  

Robbie Bee | Asymmetrical Colorblock Dress in Red

I wanted to love this dress.  The color blocking was perfect! But the dress was too uncomfortable… Surprising it fit well in the bust region and on my arms.. But towards the bottom the dress was just too tight!! With each step I had to make sure that I kept pulling the dress down.  

Spruce and Sage | Navy Color Block Fit & Flare Dress

I'm just starting to realize that half of the dresses I added to my closet were fit & flare.  They're just perfect!!!  Hugging your curves right at the waist and then flaring out for a flattering girly and flirty look.  While I loved this dress the color was just a little boring to me…. 

Eloquii | Fit & Flare Shirt Dress In Jungle Green

So we have another fit & flare lol… But this one I honestly would have to say I'm not a fan of…. The color, gorgeous… the flare, gorgeous… but the fit, all wrong!!! Not the perfect fit for busty girls. I have to keep in mind that buttons are not always our best friend when you have a little more on top.

Universal Standard | Geneva Dress In Anchor Grey

Now this dress I must admit I absolutely did not like!!! It was so plain and huge… But I could see it had some potential!! To spruce things up I paired this look with two vest I purchased from +Fashion To Figure +Fashion To Figure.  I'd have to say prefer the grunge look over the simple black vest.