Monday, September 5, 2016

Last 'Shift' before Fall featuring ASOS CURVE Shift Dress with Ruffle

Hey everybody!! How are y'all doing? I have really missed you guys. I had so many hopes for my blog this summer but ya girl has truly been busy with work and school. While I've had a lot of time to go out and take pictures, most of them never seem to make it to an actually post... well no further than Instagram. Please forgive me because I have honestly turned into a basic Instagram model. But fret no more... I just had to bring you one more summer blog post before fall hits.

If you've been keeping up with my photos on Instagram you will quickly notice that all my post have been dresses. There have been a few rompers and jumpers in between but mostly dresses. I really didn't notice it until one of my readers asked me if I wore anything other than dresses lol... I guarantee this was not on purpose. In retrospect I wish it would've been because then I could've possibly done a blog series on dresses... but oh well.... I promise this will be my last dress post... I think lol

Truth be told I've always felt more comfortable in dresses. I know it's ironic that this former tom-boy actually prefers dresses and skirts, but growing up I really had no choice. I went to private school until middle school and the uniform for girls was either a dress or skirt. I believe around the 5th grade they made some shorts for us, but back then you really couldn't pay me to show my legs... and I don't remember the blue, yellow and orange plaid shorts to be very flattering. But beyond being forced to wear them in school, dresses and skirts are just comfortable... especially in the summer.

As you know it can get hott down here in the South and dresses are as breathable as it gets for me... During the summer I prefer shift dresses over the usual maxis or fit and flares. The design of shift dresses basically allow the dress to flow away from your body. This is very important during those hot summer months because there's nothing worse than clothes sticking to you on a hot summer day with Georgia's humidity. I fell in love with this ASOS Curve Shift Dress!! As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine. I absolutely love the texture and feel of this dress. The dress is well-designed and the ruffles are an added bonus of femininity. And as if you could ever have too much pink, I paired the look with some old flats from Old Navy and my new purse I received at AKA's 67th Boule that was held here in Atlanta, Ga. I promise it's the bags that keep me going each year.

So what do you guys think? Are we loving this look? I promise I will try to do a better job of posting more looks for you guys. I have a jean series coming up soon so be on the look out for that. See you guys later!!

Monday, May 30, 2016

My Gwynnie Bee Experience and LookBook

Hi ladies!! How are ya'll feeling? I know it's been a while since I've written a blog… but I promise today's post is worth the wait! For the past month I have been experimenting with a clothing subscription plan known as +Gwynnie Bee. Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for women sizes 10-32. It allows you to feel stylish and savvy everyday with endless fashion, free shipping, and free exchanges.

If you've been following my blog a while you will remember that I tried Gwynnie Bee a while ago in 2012.  I loved the service back then!!! I remember going to quite a few weddings that year and everything I wore was from my Gwynnie Bee closet… Here's a little #throwback lol 

#throwback circa 2012 GB Asos Dress 

#throwback circa 2012 GB Asos Sequin Skirt 

So… Whew… My blog pictures have truly come a long way… lol… But as stated above… Back then I remember how much fun I had trying out GB.  So I decided to give it another try and document the experience.

If you're like me… We always have somewhere to go but nothing to wear… The malls are just too crowded to even get out and go shopping and you're so nervous that the dress you recently purchased online may come too late or be too small… This is where Gwynnie Bee comes to the rescue…

Browse the collection. 
Check out all the designers, styles, and looks you’ll love.

Add clothes to your Virtual Closet.

Try fun stuff. It’s rental—not ownership. Explore and be adventurous. You need to place a minimum number of garments, dependent on your current plan, into your virtual closet before your Gwynnie Bee package can be shipped. Browse through the collections and add styles you wish to try to your virtual closet. Once you've met your closet minimum, your box will automatically start processing. GB typically has a 2-3 day processing time prior to shipment. Boxes ship out via USPS Priority Mail and delivery takes 2-4 business days in most cases. (I literally got my boxes 2 days after reaching my closet minimum) 

Wear it. Rock it. Love it.

Your first box arrives within 2–3 days filled with items that you’ve selected and put into your closet.
If you can’t bear to part with a Gwynnie Bee item you have at home, you can purchase it directly from your closet! Send back what you like, when you like. Using pre-paid bags, send back as many garments as you like: one, two, three, or all at once. Your choice. We handle the cleaning, so send it back in any state. As soon as you let us know you’re dropping garments in the mail, we start preparing your next box with as many garments as you sent us.

Repeat Steps and continue to enjoy Gwynnie Bee’s clothing without commitment!

Ready to try Gwynnie Bee for yourself?!!? Great!! They've given me a link that provides you with a free month subscription!!!!  Check it out HERE!!!  And if a free month doesn't persuade you to give it a try… Take a look at some of the styles I received from my very own virtual closet!!!!

Julian Taylor | Fit & Flare Dress in Diamond Jacquard 

I absolutely loved this dress.  I would definitely recommend going down a size, but I was able to make it work! Other people on GB said the dress was "too heavy" and that the fabric was "too scratchy" I would have to agree.  While this seems like the perfect dress for spring the material is a little too heavy and would probably feel better during the Fall/Winter months.  

Taylor Dress | Emerald Fit & Flare Dress in Painterly Floral 

Now I must admit… At first I did not like this dress… Out of all the items in my closet I could not understand why this one… But as you can see that definitely changed once I put this dress on.  It was the perfect fit and flare dress for any occasion.  

Robbie Bee | Asymmetrical Colorblock Dress in Red

I wanted to love this dress.  The color blocking was perfect! But the dress was too uncomfortable… Surprising it fit well in the bust region and on my arms.. But towards the bottom the dress was just too tight!! With each step I had to make sure that I kept pulling the dress down.  

Spruce and Sage | Navy Color Block Fit & Flare Dress

I'm just starting to realize that half of the dresses I added to my closet were fit & flare.  They're just perfect!!!  Hugging your curves right at the waist and then flaring out for a flattering girly and flirty look.  While I loved this dress the color was just a little boring to me…. 

Eloquii | Fit & Flare Shirt Dress In Jungle Green

So we have another fit & flare lol… But this one I honestly would have to say I'm not a fan of…. The color, gorgeous… the flare, gorgeous… but the fit, all wrong!!! Not the perfect fit for busty girls. I have to keep in mind that buttons are not always our best friend when you have a little more on top.

Universal Standard | Geneva Dress In Anchor Grey

Now this dress I must admit I absolutely did not like!!! It was so plain and huge… But I could see it had some potential!! To spruce things up I paired this look with two vest I purchased from +Fashion To Figure +Fashion To Figure.  I'd have to say prefer the grunge look over the simple black vest.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Protective Styling with FreeTress Braid Island Twist

Hey everybody!! How are ya'll feeling today? One of my most frequent asked questions about my natural hair journey is how do I retain length.  Now it may not seem like it when my curls are in their natural state, but blown out and straightened you can tell that I have been able to retain a lot of hair growth in the past two years since my big chop.  The key to retaining such length is truly due to protective styling.  I would have to say that I protective style at least 6 months out of each year.  So yes… half of the year I wear my hair and the other half it is tucked under a wig, braids or crochet.  I usually keep my hair in protective styles for about a month at a time.  Over the years I've realized that my hair does not do well with long periods of protection.  I exercise and run a lot and the sweat build up definitely makes for a very unhappy scalp.  I can literally say I've tried it all… Different crochet braiding styles, senegalese twist, box braids, dutch braids, mini twist…  yes I am the queen on protective styling.  

Recently while walking in my local beauty supply store I found a new style of crochet braiding hair that I'd never seen before.. FreeTress Island Curl.  I was quickly attracted to this twist pattern because it honestly mimicked my natural braid outs.  There wasn't many videos on youtube about styling with this hair so I decided to take a chance and try it out.  I was definitely not disappointed! 

This hair was by far the most natural looking crochet braids I have ever done.  Everywhere I went people would ask me where I'd purchased the hair. I purchased this hair for about $5 a pack but you can also purchase it at the following websites:  EbonyLine and BlackHairSpray I was able to maintain this style for 4 weeks.  It definitely can be worn longer.  The pattern was maintained throughout me running four times a week and sleeping without a scarf.  

If you are looking for a natural looking protective styles I highly suggest trying Crochet Braids.  In the tutorial below I will show you an easy way to crochet your natural hair using the FreeTress Braid Island Twist.  

Products Needed: 

  • Rat Tail Comb 
  • Hair Clips 
  • Latch Hook Needle
  • Needle and Thread
  • 5 packs of the FreeTress Braid Island Twist
  • Moisturizer of your choice 

Will you try this style? Let me know in the comments sections.  Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to view more videos and stay update on new uploads! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

But first... Shampagne

Hey everybody!! How are y'all feeling? Today I want to talk about champagne.... Now not the champagne you drink… and unfortunately not Champagne Papi, but Shampagne | The Web Series!!!!!

If you've been following the hashtag #OscarSoWhite you've come to understand the difficulties black actors have in creating a place for themselves in Hollywood. This web-series definitely highlights the struggle one rising actress faces as she tries to break into the business.

Shampagne | A Web Series was created and produced by Melissa Mickens. It was inspired after she recalls going to three casting auditions and being asked if she could rap… Now I get it… you're probably thinking what I thought at first… She's auditioning for an actress role, not trying to be the next Jay-Z….

"Why does the industry want me to be hashtag urban so bad?" is the question she asks herself that lays the foundation for this new web series Shampagne.

In the first episode we meet M, a 20-something actress trying to make it in New York City. Only problem is, everybody assumes she can be something that she's not. Will M be able to play the game by the industry's rules, or will she change the game completely?

Check out episode one below to find out!

M could've easily dismissed the requests to become so hashtag urban… In fact, many would argue that black actresses should stop limiting themselves to roles that are too rough (Taraji P. Henson as Cookie in Empire) or too submissive (Viola Davis as Aibileen Clark in "The Help")... M, on the other hand, decides to embrace the roles she is offered.  On her YouTube Channel she so eloquently highlights how rap was created from the black community… and instead of dismissing the roots of black culture that is rap… she embraces it and becomes PagneCham.  Subscribe to her channel to meet her friends and family as she makes some BIG CHANGES! Hurry up and subscribe as episode 4 will be released today!!!!!

And ladies… I didn't forget about those of you who are wondering what I wore this week.  This look is inspired by PagneCham herself… So don't forget to subscribe to her channel and check her out… But first, Champagne…. 

Shirt from Charlotte Russe; Jeans from Target; Shoes by Jessica Simpson