Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Curvy. Courageous. Curly. Couture. Cutie of the Month: Annisa LiMara

Last September I received a text from one of my line sisters.  I expected the usual, "Hey, just checking in... How have you been?" text that I receive once a week from at least one of my line sisters... But this one was different.  It was a text that asked me if I watched youtube videos and if so, what did I like about them? Of course I started listing: hair and makeup tutorials, vlogs, etc.  She then replied, well I'm starting a YouTube channel soon and would like to know if I have your support.  "OF COURSE!" I replied.

Fast forward to today, Annisa's youtube channel, AnnisaLiMara, is reaching almost 5000 subscribers with a little over 25 videos!  Check out her most watched video below reaching over 20000 views!!!!  

Not only have I had the opportunity to have this young lady as a sister, but I have also had the opportunity to work under her in the launching of her first Swim/Resort Wear Line. She is not only a sweet and wonderful person, but she is also very passionate about everything she touches.  Everything she touches turns to gold... just like her golden hair!  If you haven't already definitely subscribe to her YouTube channel , like her Facebook Page and follow her on Instagram. I imagine great things coming from this girl in the future!  

Want more information about Annisa's hair, future plans, and what inspires her?  Keep scrolling to read what she had to say during our interview.  

Annisa LiMara

1.    How long have you been natural?  Who/What pushed you to give up the creamy crack?

I have been natural since 2005 and gave up “creamy crack” because of major hair breakage and thinning from too many relaxers and permanent hair color from my senior year in high school. Looking back I had no idea it was “going natural”, I just considered myself going cold turkey because my hair had gone from being thick and medium/long length to thin and unhealthy. Almost a decade later, I’ve now transitioned AND big chopped so going back to my natural hair texture was a long process but well worth it.

2.    How do you keep your hair looking so fabulous? What’s your regimen?

Deep condition and moisturize! I wash and deep condition my hair every week (or every other week) and by deep conditioning for the past 6 months intensively, I’ve been able to retain moisture which really helps the upkeep of any hairstyle. I now can go two or three days without doing much to my hair and other days I just add water or leave conditioner and use my Peppermint Hair Butter for extra moisture.  My hair is also a mixture between curly and kinky so I can play up each part which makes styling my hair fun and versatile.

3.    What inspired you to start a YouTube channel?  What would you say to somebody who wants to start a channel of her own?

I initially began my channel because I wanted to share my experiences and thought it would be really a fun and challenging project. Watching Taren Guy, Andrea’s Choice and a ton of other channels really inspired me to be fearless in going after my goals. I also have a really big following on Instagram so I wanted to answer all of their questions through my channel and to connect with other natural hair and fashion lovers.

4.    What was the hardest part of starting your channel and how did you overcome that?

The hardest part was the technical issues such as editing, uploading, etc….not as easy as one may think. I’m a perfectionist so I used a plethora of resources for advice (other YouTube channels, videographers, friends) and did hours of research until I understood the process. Even though it is still challenging, I’m learning so much and have come up with a formula to create quality videos for my subscribers for which there is still room to grow.

5.    What are some of your favorite CURLY girl products?

This is a hard question because there are so many! I absolutely love Carol’s Daughter especially their Hair Milk and Tui Leave in Conditioner. I also love the Yes To line, specifically Yes To Carrots, Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel (a must!), and Wen Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner! Of course, I also love my Peppermint Hair Butter which is a mixture of all my favorite hair butters and oils, especially peppermint oil which stimulates the scalp and promotes growth.

6.    Did you ever expect to see yourself featured on hair blogs all over the world?   How does the natural hair fame make you feel?

Absolutely not! I never expected any of the recognition I’m getting and it feels so surreal because it is hair! Of course hair is important to us as women but I didn’t realize it could generate this much “natural hair fame”, however, I don’t consider myself famous at all but count myself as blessed and extremely humbled that I’m able to reach so many people and be a leader in this movement.

7.    What can you say that will inspire others to follow their dreams?

Designer Tracy Reese once said that designs can be inspired by “a piece of music, a painting, a book, a vacation spot or a particular city”….every persons’ dream is developed from inspiration and discovering what you love can ignite hope and conquer fear. As I get older, I am finding that the common factor that hinders anyone from achieving their goals is fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of succeeding and the responsibility that comes with success…fear of self. I am now striving to step out of all of my fears and becoming brave. My prayer is that everyone can see past their own fear into the bravery and courage that God has given us through Him. I am still learning and growing, therefore, I say this prayer every day to gain the faith to be brave and let that light shine to encourage others.

8.    So now that you have shared your hair with the world, when will you share your fashion?

I’ve actually already launched my first Swim/Resort wear collection March 2012 which introduced everyone to the A’LiMara (a-lai-mar-rah) brand. I took a hiatus after that to complete my Masters and to also refocus on what I want to accomplish with my brand. Therefore, I decided to do an exclusive collection of ‘Natural’ wear this year at my Natural Hair Forum & Fashion show titled Curls, Kinks & Fashion which included crop tops, fitted v-necks and high-low dresses. My goal now is to incorporate more of my style and fashion knowledge into my brand and hopefully produce another Swim/Resort wear collection in the near future.

9.    How can people follow you? Facebook? IG? YouTube? Purchase your homemade hair butter?

You can follow me on IG, Twitter & Tumblr as well as like my Facebook page at ilovealimara. My hair butter plus my exclusive collection of ‘Natural’ wear t shirts and dresses at

10. So what’s the next step for A’LiMara?

Growing and improving my YouTube channel, launching my next swim/resort wear collection (hopefully next summer), fulfilling my new position as fashion editor for Natural Hair Mag, and just expanding the A’LiMara brand…there are no limits!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Natural Hair Freedom MeetUp Vlog and Product Review

This past Sunday I went to my first Natural Hair Meet Up.  If you're unfamiliar with MeetUp, it is a website that helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world.  It was one of the first tools I used when I moved to Atlanta to connect with people who shared the same interest as me.  The first MeetUp group I joined was Natural Hair Freedom,  the leading resource for supporting naturals, educating naturals and building camaraderie within the Natural Hair Community.  Check out my VLOG experience to see how my first meet up went! 

Top Left: Kinky Kashmere Founder  Top Right: CoCo Curls Founder
Botton Left: Event Coordinator and NHF Founder +Carnella Harvey Bottom Right: Cute As A Button Founder 

My sister and I snagging a few products from the Product Swap  
Atlanta Bloggers Crystal and Reese 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Comfy Chic... Again

Spring Break 2014 was a success!!! It definitely was great to take a break from pharmacy school and let my hair down for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, La.  If you've ever been to Mardi Gras you can understand that by the end of the week you are extremely exhausted!  

On our last day my friend and I decided to have a chill day... We went to Emeril's Restaurant for lunch and rode the trolley to the French Market afterwards.  On this particular day I opted for a more comfy look--a sweater I'd just purchased from +H&M , a t-shirt from Torrid and comfy jeans from +Forever 21 .  On our way to the flea market we passed a lot buildings with very rustic facades.  Of course I just couldn't pass by without snapping a few pictures.  I posted a few pictures on IG and received a lot of feedback about my outfit.  Everybody loved it and wanted to know where I purchased the pieces.  Skorch Magazine even reposted my pic stating that they loved the style.  So... Guess What? Now you too can have my outfit.  I've included the links to where I purchased each item below.  If you decide to purchase anything tag your pictures rocking your new fit on IG @lalatmr89 !!! :) 

Purse Jeans Shirt Sweater Shoes