Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stepping Out

Tis the season for Crop Tops + Florals…. So I've heard…

Summer Fashion is all about being bold and stepping out in tiny shorts, floral prints, tank/halter/crop tops, and short dresses.  Now I'm a fan of summer fashion,  but I've always played it safe with more "covered" approaches of summer fashion -- maxi dresses, long flowy skirts and kimonos.  Let's just say I've always been a little self conscious about certain things on my body -- especially my arms (I still don't think I'm ready to rock a tank).  Just recently a friend and I had a conversation about stepping out of our comfort zone.  As creatures of habit its so easy to get stuck into not doing something just because we've never tried it.  It reminded me of a blog post I read a while ago from For Colored Gurls.  If you've been following me since the beginning you know that my sole purpose for creating this blog was to be an inspiration to others.  The other day while watching +Chante' Burkett and +Kelly Augustine +Size Tag Video, Chante answered that her biggest pet peeve in the plus size community was women who claimed to be confident and an inspiration to other plus size women while opting to cover their bellies with oversized purses in every shoot.  After reflecting on what she said, I totally had to agree.  How can I be an inspiration to you guys and tell you to love your body when I choose to hide certain things about my body…. So guys… I stepped out!

I found this gorgeous floral two piece crop top set from Stacked Apparel

Shoes: Urban Outfitters Purse: Michael Kors 

Everything you ever wanted is one step out of your comfort zone. 

Looking to find a matching crop set of your own? Check out +Alissa Wilson and her blog +Stylish Curves where she tells you were to get the latest Two Piece Crop Top Set 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Plus Size In The City

So we all know that Carrie Bradshaw started it all - the tutu moment we all remember!  I absolutely loved watching Sex in the City just to see what Sarah Jessica Parker would wear next... That was the first time I thought about getting a tutu...  I still remember that gorgeous mint tulle skirt she wore while in Paris right before Big told her she was... The One... but she can get away with anything...right?  I mean she's so tiny and petite so everything is cute on her...  Plus, I couldn't dare put on a skirt that would make me look any bigger than I was... 

Fast forward a few years after that movie and the TuTu Trend jumped off... Everybody was wearing one... Still I didn't feel comfortable getting one... What grown woman would wear a tutu? But then life was received and I starting seeing plus size bloggers I admire wearing one...  +gabifresh,  +Garnerstyle,  
+NaturallyFashionable,  +Chardline Faiteau+Jay Miranda  and +CeCe Olisa.  I knew the time had come... I buckled down and started looking for a tutu.  I surfed all over the web... The tutus I found were at least $100... I'm not sure about ya'lls coins... but mine just didn't agree with paying that much for a skirt I would probably wear once.... I had given up... A year later while getting my daily dose of IG, I ran across a picture of my prophyte promoting her new business Krafty Kreations.  She specializes in designing Krafty Kreations including wreaths for any occasion, tutus, home accent pieces, etc. Not only were her tutus AMAZING, but I also paid under half the cost of tutu's I was finding online.  If you like my tutu definitely contact her and place an order  Here's a look at my tutu and some other tutus she has created… 

So, I finally have my tutu and I'm stuck... How do I wear it? I researched a million Pinterest sites just to find how other people were pairing theres... Nothing seemed to catch my eye.  Then one day while looking for a sweatshirt to wear for Mardi Gras, I stumbled across the site CustomPlus.  I'd fallen in love with the Beyonce "Surfboard" sweat shirt only to get it and it was a BIG BUST!!!  The "S" and "D" literally stretched to underneath my armpits... I was completely done with the site... But before I closed out, I decided to give it one more try and bought the +Size tshirt thinking it would go great with my new tutu... As soon as it came in I tried it on with the skirt and ding ding ding, WE HAVE A WINNER.  I paired the outfit with shoes from ASOS.  Check out my outfit below and let me know what you think.   

It was my photographer's idea to get balloons… I think it adds a nice romantic touch to the photos!! 


Like my hair in the photos? Check out this brief video to get an idea of my Twist and Curl for transitioning hair! 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm So Fancy

Two weeks ago while browsing Facebook, I came across a Lip Sync Battle between Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone.  Jimmy's first song was Fancy by Iggy Azalea.  The beat drops, "First things first I'm the realest," and I was in love.  This was my first time hearing an Iggy Azalea song so I rushed to youtube to see the whole video.  Definitely click here if you haven't seen the video.  The music video is spin off of the classic 90s movie Clueless… What I loved most about this music video was the Alicia Silverstone- esque black and gold pleated skirt with matching blazer.  There's something just so FANCY about that color combination… So I decided to recreate a fancy look with black and gold items from my closet.  Check it out below… 

I believe this is my second time wearing this black pleated skirt that I got from Gap over two years ago. Once I put it on I fell in love with it all over again.  Unfortunately, I have no clue where the top came from.  It was "thrifted" from an Instagram vintage boutique.  Probably bought during a random I'm tired of school so lets shop fits (I usually have these fits after a test)… If I find out the name of the IG account I will update this blog ASAP.  My shoes are from Ross.  Every time I wear them I have a classmate telling me I look like royalty.  Ross is my go to store to find basic items such as workout clothes and shoes.  I may do a recent haul post on some cute workout pants I purchased from there.  If you would like to see a post about them just let me know in the comments.  

If you're ever in the Atlanta area I highly suggest renting bikes and riding the BeltLine.  These picture were taking on it's trail.  It amazing how this colors of the street art perfectly matched my outfit.  I'll just call it divine intervention.