Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Breaking All The Rules!!!! Mixing Prints

Last Year +Alissa Wilson posted a blog entitled Breaking All The Rules. In the blog she urged curvy girls to break down the fashion barriers and wear clothes that we've been told our whole lives didn't look right on our shape--horizontal stripes, crop tops, tutu’s, bikini’s, mini skirts, and even skinny jeans.  Now, I've never been the type to feel insecure about what I wore, but as I read the post I began to realize that subconsciously I also believed that those items just didn't suite my curvy frame.

The other day while searching Facebook, I came across a picture of From The Rez to the City.  Her outfit was literally drop dead gorgeous!!! It took me back to the days when I believed that curvy women couldn't wear patterns--let alone mix multiple patterns.  Unfortunately, the first thing I said was, "I wish I could pull that look off."  At that moment I instantly recalled Stylish Curves blog.  Why did I believe I couldn't pull it off? I rushed to my nearest +Lane Bryant  to find the items she had in her picture.  At first I just wanted to try the outfit on...It was only supposed to stay in the dressing room, but to my surprise the outfit was EVERYTHING! It looked amazing on me as well.  It was at that moment that I realized Curvy Girls can wear anything... even mixed prints.

Top and Bottom: +Lane Bryant 

Top: Lane Bryant Skirt: +Old Navy Shoes: +Steve Madden