Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January CurlBox Review

Let me first begin this review by saying The January CurlBox is EVERYTHING!!! Like seriously... it came right on time... I used every product in less than an hour after opening the box. Luckily I was just a month into a protective style and my tresses needed some serious attention on wash day.  +Myleik Teele you did your thing with this box girl...

So what came in the box?? Take a look.. I'll review each product

In case you didn't notice it from the picture... Yes, those are all FULL SIZED products... Talk about amazed... I pay $20 a month for my subscription and of course I want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth... This box was definitely worth the money.. I went to my local +Target and found the Clear Scalp and Hair items... I saw the Silk Wrap at my local WalMart but forgot to snap a pic... So I searched the web for the lowest prices for the Silk Wrap and Styling Foam.
Check out the prices below:

So yeah... Let's see... (4.99 *3) + 5.49 + 7.99 =$30  

So I definitely saved money and a trip to three different stores just to find each product.  But now you might ask... Is it really worth it? I'll honestly review each product.... 

    Clear Hair and Scalp Products    $5
    Evolve Silk Hair Wrap                $8
    Motion's Styling Foam                $6

If you're on any type of hair journey, I'd think you agree that these prices are not bad at all.  I walk down the ethnic hair care aisles in WalMart and Target and see hair care products almost costing at least $30 for a small bottle of conditioner.  Now that's outrageous!!! I will definitely repurchase these items with my own money once I run out! 

Product Design:

I love the product design of each bottle.  First the brown color of the bottle made it seem real fancy.  Like I was using a product that only professionals use.  I also like the sleek design of the bottles and the easy push top.  It was easy for me to handle each product while also managing my hair.  I hate products that comes in those jars... I always drop them in the shower and lose half of my product.  The design of these products are very ergonomic.  

My silk wrap scarf was so cute!  It's very soft to the touch.   I had the zebra print scarf in my box.  Here's a picture of me wearing the scarf below. 


Now I am not a natural ingredients nazi... However, I do pay attention to the ingredients in every product I use.  At the end of the day, I believe if it works then you should use it.... I don't agree with slathering your hair with parabens, mineral oil or dimethicone everyday but in small doses these ingredients can greatly improve the health of your hair and scalp.... 

Before you go throwing products in the trash because of the ingredients, I highly suggest you at least give them a try.  Especially if you're transitioning like me.  I've noticed that products such as these actually help me work through two different textures with ease.  

My Experience: 

After DC overnight I prepped my hair into six sections to prepare for the wash.  I applied the shampoo onto the scalp of each section, lathered and rinse.  To my surprise the shampoo was not stripping at all.  My scalp felt AMAZING! It also didn't re-tangle my hair. (I've experienced many shampoos tangling my hair even after I detangle prior to washing).  After shampooing each section I applied the conditioner from root to tip.  I totally fell in love with the smell of the conditioner!  It also gave my hair a lot of slip.  After applying the conditioner I applied the deep nourishing treatment mask.  I recently developed the habit of applying two conditioners on my hair journey.  The first just to add some slip to my hair and the second to actually moisturize my strands.  I find this process easier to manage my transitioning hair.  The treatment mask was definitely the best part of my experience.  First, the mask looks like milk and honey... yes... flowing with milk and honey.   But it didn't just stop with the appearance.  I left the conditioner on for 5 minutes per the directions.  After rinsing my hair felt like BUTTER!! It was amazing!!!! 

After washing my hair I let it air dry... and back to protective styling it was.  This time I opted for medium size long box braids.  After putting in box braids I always apply a styling foam to my braids to help lock the braids in place.... I had just ran out of my usual foam spray so, like I said the curl box was right on time! I applying the Motion's styling foam to my braids... I loved that it didn't have an alcohol smell and that it didn't leave my hair sticky and dry like other foams. 

Final Verdict: I would definitely repurchase these items again!! I have even already recommended them to at least 5 people today.  

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