Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day (Day to Night Look)

So Valentine's Day is just around the corner.... 
If you're snowed in like me you don't have time to get out and do any last minute shopping and overnight shipping isn't even guaranteed because all the roads are shut down.  This time you actually have to go to your closet and try to put something together.  (I really put these two outfits together last minute.)  To my surprise I actually find something in my closet that never has anything for me to put on.  

Day Look

Does your date have something planned for you to do during the day?  You want to be comfortable while still being cute?  Pair your favorite sweatshirt with a bold skirt and some comfortable heels.  This style is sure to catch his attention whether you're enjoying a picnic at the park or catching a matinee at your local theatre.  

Sweater (Get Here), Skirt (Get Here), Shoes, (Get Here), Socks (Get Here)

Night Look 

Romantic Dinner Plans? You want to be sexy but not too revealing.  I paired an old lace skirt with a velvet dress I found while thrifting.  I loved the dress but was not comfortable with its length. Don't be scared to pull out items you feel are too short or revealing--just pair them with something you think would go together.  Velvet and Lace is the perfect combination!!  It gives you a classic look and leaves him admiring your curves.   

Thrifted Dress (Similar Here), Thrifted Earrings (Similar Here), Shoes (Similar Here),  Skirt (Similar Here)