Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cool Comfort…. Cool Grey

So it's official… I find myself having a "color" each year… Well, let me say.. A color finds me every year… I'm not sure how this happens, but subconsciously my mind connects with a particular color and holds on tight until its ready for the next color.  2014 is all about GRAY.

Before I go any further, let me first say that prior to this trend, you would not catch me in sweatpants… Except for that time in high school… and that was only after softball and basketball games.  But the new way to wear sweatpants is actually chic and comfortable.

Photo from TheWTFProject

While shopping in New Orleans I found the perfect set from H&M.  You can get my outfit Pants and Similar Top . Check out how I styled my pieces below.  


Now we all know Rihanna is the queen of making sweatpants look sexy, but a few plus size bloggers also urged me to run to the nearest store and find me a pair of my own.  Check out how +Nadia Aboulhosn+gabi gregg and +Garnerstyle style their sweatpants.