Sunday, March 20, 2016

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Swatch/Review

The Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick line from NYX Cosmetics is one of the latest lines released in Fall 2015 from the company.  Now I know I'm kinda late to the party, but after hearing a lot of my friends talk about how much they loved these new lipsticks.... I just had to give it a try.  I rushed to the nearest Target to get a hold of them just to see how great these items would be.  I'm really hesitant when it it comes to buying drug store lipsticks...  While I prefer drugstore prices, I always have a hard time finding drugstore lipsticks that are able to evenly coat my naturally pigmented lips.  Most times I end up with a beautifully swatched bottom lip and then an upper lip that looks like I haven't applied any color to it... I'm pretty sure most of my melanin rich sisters can understand this dilemma when choosing the perfect lipstick.  

Watch the video below to see the lipsticks swatched on my lips.  I've also collaborated with fellow youtuber Jenni Koutur to show you how these lipsticks look on different lips.  Continue reading for a detailed review as well as information on how to find these lipsticks… ENJOY!

I went straight to the cosmetics aisle once I arrived in Target and guess what.... They were having a sale... You know the types of sales where if you buy 2 items you get a $5 gift card in return?  Now I'm truly a sucker for these types of promotions... I'd only come in to buy a few of the lipsticks, but with an offer like this I thought, what the heck... Let me try them all.  I was able to buy 10 of the 12 colors from this line all from Target.  They can be found by clicking the link here and are priced at $7.  I was able to save 5% off of my total also because I am a Target DebitCard holder.  Two of the colors I did have to purchase at Ulta.  I'm not sure if these two are exclusive to Ulta stores, but they also retail for $7.  Ulta does sell all 12 of the colors from this line.  If you sign up for their member's reward program you will be able to get $3.50 off your total of $10 or more at checkout... Yep... another deal.  

Aisle display of the lipsticks at my local Target 

The NYX website boast that the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks will glide on and set into a striking matte finish.  It states that they are velvety soft and waterproof creating a long-lasting lippie with a positively polished look with every swipe.  The lipsticks are housed in a barrel tube with a sponge applicator.  Besides the vibrant colors, the sponge applicator would probably have to be the best part of this line.  It provided me with the ability to delicately stroke the color onto my lips.  I was also able to easily apply added color where needed... Especially my upper lip.  This lipstick does set to a matte finish... sort of.... Usually when I think about matte finish lipsticks the first thing I think about is drying.  I saw on a lot of reviews that other girls did not appreciate the drying aspect of this lipstick.  I, on the other hand, did not find these lipsticks to be that drying... Especially compared to other lines that feature matte finishes.  Out of all the matte lipsticks I've tried, this one is truly the least drying.  I have not worn the lipsticks all day to test their durability but I will definitely update this article to let you guys know if they truly are waterproof and long lasting. 

L to R:  Stone Fox, Life's A Beach, Cherry Skies, Soft-Spoken, Orange County, Sway, Sandstrom, Pink Lust, Tea & Cookies, Amethyst, Kitten Heels and Vintage

Overall I would give this line 4 out of 5 stars.  It provides radiant colors at an affordable price.  And though light colors did take a couple of applications, I do believe that the colors provide an even finish on my pigmented lips.  I would definitely suggest buying these lippies.  I would have to say Amethyst is my favorite color.  Have you tried these lippies? Let me know which one if your favorite… 

Jenni Koutour is a fellow youtuber who also happens to be my cousin.... Her youtube channel is filled with all things hair, fashion and beauty...  She also swatched 5 of the lipsticks from this line... I absolutely adore Cherry Skies and Soft Spoken on her... Head over to her channel to check it out!!!! 

L to R:  Stone Fox, Life's A Beach, Cherry Skies, Soft-Spoken, Orange County, Sway, Sandstrom, Pink Lust, Tea & Cookies, Amethyst, Kitten Heels and Vintage